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Outrageously Organized: 10 Professional Organizers Share Their Trade Secrets

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We all know her. She’s the mom from the baseball team who never forgets it’s her turn for treats. She invites you to “stop by anytime” – and means it. And she always looks put together – even when driving carpool. How does she do it? What’s her secret? You may have even asked how she stays so organized – and she likely demurred with a sly, “Oh, I’m really not that organized…”   Today – she’s busted. Exposed. Outed. Life doesn’t have to be a mad scramble for important papers or these pesky car keys: For the first time, ten organizing professionals dish their trade secrets about everything from purging your piles to organizing your closets. There’s even advice for teaching the clutter bugs in your life how to keep track of their own stuff.

Amy, your family management expert will share ideas and inspiration for making the most of family time and keeping rug rats from spoiling the rug.  Ashley will give you the know-how to maintain a method for eliminating the chaos. Cyndy, affectionately known as America’s Clutter Coach, will help you develop the expertise to sift trash from treasure.  Diane is a Virtuoso of Time Saving Techniques that will help you find time to have FUN.  Donna is the Simplicity Specialist.  Ellen helps Chronically Disorganized people put the clamp on clutter.  Jan, your “Oracle of Organization” who enjoys helping people find what they need, when they need it.  Sheri brings Peace to your Life & Spaces.  Suzette is a Creative Problem Solver whose inventive skills and talents work when you think it won’t.  Traci is your organizer of hopes, dreams, and stray paperwork. She’ll change your world with her organizing skills and positive outlook on life.  By the way, there’s no need to worry that they’ll tell her they’ve spilled their trade secrets. She’ll just think you are Outrageously Organized.