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“I am a technologically challenged 48 year old owner of an engineering company.  Life Contained helped me gain control of my surroundings by showing me how to sort and scan documents rather than pile them on my desk. I am still a work in progress, but am finding it much easier to keep track of things.  Ashley is an energetic, positive young woman who knows this organizational stuff inside out. If you are having problems keeping up with the vast amount of information life throws at you, she can really help. I highly recommend contacting her.”

Douglas S. Dreessen P.E.
Thompson, Dreessen & Dorner, Inc.
Omaha, NE

” Thank you for all your help with my mom and stepfather. We know that we could not have done what needed to be done without you and the TV show.  We all sincerely appreciate the expertise that you brought.  Hoarding is such an awful addiction and having your support through the clean-up was invaluable. We appreciate the dignity and respect that you showed.  I know we struggle to understand the way they are living.  We find it hard to not judge the situation and to understand the disorder.  Even on the day you worked with them on your own and things went so badly, you were still wonderful and concerned. Looking back at pictures, I realize how far we have come.  Although we know there is much more work to do, we have created an environment that is safe and sanitary for them to live in – Goal # 1.   Again, our sincere appreciation to you both. “

– Michigan


Earlier this year, I was faced with having to move to retain my job. I was a single man, living in a four bedroom house that was full to overflowing with 30+ year’s accumulation of stuff plus a full garage, and a full barn. I was required to travel to my new place of employment during the week so I was faced with the daunting task of cleaning house a few hours every weekend. Enter Ashley Kates. Ashley is a Professional Organizer. She came to my home over about four weekends and helped me get organized. She went with me through each room of the house, helping me sort my belongings into three categories: items that I wanted to keep, items that I wanted to donate and items that were just plain junk. After the house, the garage and the barn were sorted out, Ashley arranged for pick-up of the things I was getting rid of. This amounted to two and a half truckloads of donated goods and two, twenty-yard containers of trash. I’m happy to report that the remainder of my belongings has now been moved into a modest two bedroom condominium in the Chicago area.

It was a joy to work with Ashley. Her cheerful, positive attitude made the chore of major housecleaning bearable (almost fun). I highly recommend her services to anyone who is faced with the problem of too much stuff.”

Norm Adams, Amateur Disorganizer – Naperville, Illinois