Welcome to Life Contained! For me, organizing has always been a natural, instinctual part of who I am.  Whether planning trips, events, special gatherings or just organizing family and friends spaces; I have always jumped at the opportunity to do so!  Countless hours were spent as a child dumping every toy bucket into a pile and sorting.  My bedroom was my staging area.  I would move furniture and rearrange keepsakes to create a fresh new look. 

While I always knew I had a career goal of helping people, I was unaware of the potential and unlimited possibilities nor the satisfaction being a professional organizer gives me. A little over a year ago, with the determination to create something that was my own and the flexibility to set my own schedule based around my family, I decided to turn a lifetime passion and hobby into a dream career!  

My degree in psychology combined with my pure joy and love of organizing gives me an insightful edge to people’s emotional ties and allows me to offer support, encouragement and direction to living more functionally.

I want to inspire, energize and motivate you to take control of your life; much as I have done for my own!

Understanding that organization does not come as naturally to some as it does others , the whole mission of my business is to educate and work along side you on various organizing skills and specific design systems.  I like to evaluate what is working for you and implement change to what is not.  I want to walk through the process so you feel comfortable about the decisions you are making.  This is your life; why live any other way than to the fullest?

A NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) member, Heartland Organizer and Co-Author of Outrageously Organized, I have been independently helping people minimize their clutter, define and meet goals and drastically change their way of life.

As part of NAPO, I abide by the Code of Ethics set aside by this organization.

I look forward to the opportunity of working with you!